Casper on kawanku magazine questions from Caspeteers

@ CasperFeddemaID: You've dibully?
Casper: "Yeah I know what it feels like to be bullied. Many children who were bullied andbullying can make us sad. In fact, there are also those who act too far. It makes me sadand I think that makes a lot of people bully others because baseball feels confident of himself.

@ CasperPromoNO: If baseball to be a singer, about what are you doing?
Casper: "If baseball to be a singer I would still choose a career related to music, it mightbe a dancer. Or enter the world of design.

@ CasperTeamINA: What is the meaning of Caspeteers for you?
Casper: "Ow my Caspeteers are soooooo AWESOME! Loads and they come from different parts of the world. I am very happy to get love from them all every day and howloyal they are also really helped me promote my music. I feel guilty if one day I they can not get answers via Twitter. San now is really hard, my schedule is already crowded.

Some of my promotion team also helped the Caspeteers. We designed a logo to beprinted out on a wrist band. For the Caspeteers who helped us with the hashtag # C4Lpromo (Caspeteers For Life), which indicates that they are part of the # CasperNation.We give this gift every month as a token of gratitude for their assistance mempromokanmy music.

@ CasperFeddemaNO: Hot like what you like and enggak like?
Casper: "I like girls that be fun for yourself and hang out. Blonde or Brunet enggakproblem for me because if they were beautiful in the future reflected outward.

@ Bungaaprl: Will make a concert in Asia or not?
Casper: "I would love to Make an Asian tour!! I know there are loads of fans there whosaw me perform pengin. So I hope we will soon get the agency would like to invite me to it.

@ SwagieisMe: Like sports? What your favorite sport?
Casper: "Yeah I love sports. I still love to play football at school, this is my last year. And when include sports dance, I loved Hip Hop dance, I do At least two times a week.

@ Fwdya14: What motivates you to can be like now?
Casper: "I always dreamed of success in the music. Doing shows in different countries and worked with famous musicians. Already there are some dreams that come true, but Iexpect more great things can happen to me. We can not get seated and silent waiting forsomething occur. if we have a dream, we must work hard and believe we can achieve it.

@ ddheyaar: If you prefer more at home doing?
Casper: "If again in Ruman and baseball have a school assignment or exercise, I like toplay with my friends. Watch some TV series like Family Guy, South Park, Misfits, TheVoice, America's Best Dance Crew, and others.

@ Shasha_L: You have a girlfriend baseball today?
Casper: "Yessss, I'm still single. I'm young and enjoying my life pengin to work hard for a career in music. I'm sure I'll find the right girl for me later when the time comes.

@ UniMirza: What do you dream that has not been achieved?
Casper: My biggest dream is to be successful internationally, can be toured to variousparts of the world and worked with famous musicians. Also provide the best music for the fans who can change their lives.


Well, good luck achiving your dreams Casper!

Consider also exclusive interview with Casper W 127th edition, published in June, yah!


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