Casper on kawanku magazine

Google Translated to English

Casper Feddema had fallen in love with music since she was just five years. And at theage of 15 he was a talent contest in her native Netherlands.

Although only fifteen large entrance and baseball win the contest, Casper does not mean surrender. Even now he is busier than ever. Making music, appearing here and there, and give lots of attention for the fans. Yep, Caspeteers coming from different parts of the world to know Casper lot of his videos on Youtube.

Casper video originally sang again more or cover versions of songs that belong to otherwell-known musicians. But now, Casper comes with his own material. Six singles we've been able to buy on iTunes. While the full album is still in the stage of manufacture.

Besides his voice, Casper is also known to be friendly to the fans. Through a variety ofsocial media in cyberspace, Casper continued to maintain relations with theCaspeteers. Including answering a few questions that Caspeteers cast into the followingW. Listen well, who knows one of your questions!

I know google translate don't translate correct xD


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